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Never worry about administration, service configuration, backups, or patching again.

We’ve got it covered.

Why We Host

We found that after our clients implemented SharePoint, it truly became a business-critical application for them. Administering SharePoint can become a burden when an IT department doesn’t have enough time or when a company doesn’t want to hire SharePoint administrators full-time. That’s where we come in. We host because we have a team of software architects with years of experience and an award-winning data center to securely host SharePoint environments of all sizes.

Hosting Team

How It Works

Our infrastructure experts sit down with you and help determine your SharePoint needs, whether it’s for your intranet, extranet, or even public facing website. Codesigned will work with you in designing and implementing your very own private SharePoint cloud. Our data centers comply with key industry standards for security and reliability. We can deploy your SharePoint in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Our private SharePoint clouds, along with 101 managed services, handle all your SharePoint infrastructure needs quickly and cost effectively, giving you the freedom to focus on what your business does best.

Scale Quickly

As their business becomes more successful, we’ve seen clients outgrow their initial SharePoint installation. As your company grows, we can scale what we implement in the first place so that you don’t have to go through the process again. Whether you’re a small company with room to grow or a Fortune 500 organization, we’ll scale your farm as you grow.


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